Perfecting Digital Experiences with Global Testing

October 16, 2023
Shigeya Tanabe

Enhancing digital user experiences in the dynamic edge landscape necessitates the implementation of a comprehensive testing strategy by organizations. This strategy encompasses the evaluation of critical facets of the digital experience at the edge, spanning diverse device types, network scenarios, and vital performance benchmarks such as response time, latency, and video quality. Successful execution of this approach translates to amplified customer satisfaction, heightened retention rates, and ultimately augmented revenue and outreach.Join our engaging webinar, where our speakers delve into HeadSpin's pioneering efforts to tackle the intricacies of edge testing. Witness the unveiling of an innovative approach tailored for telecom, media, and various other sectors, enabling seamless testing of digital encounters at the edge. We provide insights into the essential testing and quality assurance support requisite for accurate edge assessment. Moreover, we showcase remedies designed to ensure peak performance of 5G, OTT streaming, data, and messaging services, encompassing specialized audio and video use cases. These solutions stand as pivotal enablers for organizations striving to excel in today's digital experience-driven economy.

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About HeadSpin

HeadSpin helps Telcos, media organizations, and large enterprises analyze and improve the user experience of their digital products through its global real device infrastructure, on the edge end-to-end testing, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics.

The HeadSpin data science platform enables collaboration among global teams to accelerate release cycles, build for complex real user environments, and proactively detect and resolve issues whether at the code, device, or network layer. HeadSpin currently works alongside a number of global telco and media organizations today to:

  • Monitor and improve 5G user experience
  • Improve streaming experience for OTT apps
  • Test and optimize data, voice, and messaging services
  • Assess and validate device compatibility
  • Offer regression insights for accelerated development
  • Deploy software at the edge
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