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Digital Experience Monitoring Solution

Measure multi-channel digital experience monitoring KPIs on real devices and real networks all around the world.
end user experience monitoring tools

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Leverage digital experience monitoring capabilities for proactive resolution of app issues

Digital User Experience

User Digital Experience Monitoring

Continuously track digital experience across diverse delivery channels on real devices and carrier networks in 90+ locations around the world.
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Extensive Metrics

Measure end-to-end app, network, and device KPIs, including screenless, machine-to-machine, streaming, and custom-defined user journey interactions specific to your app.
ICN Machine Learning Insights

Powerful Analytics

Get AI-powered insights and alerts that are easily actionable—ensuring that captured data and intelligence translates into business success.
Digital experience and performance insights

Get crucial insight into digital health and performance

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Fine-grain monitoring

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Intuitive visualizations

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Proactive alerts

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AI-powered insights

Measure all the KPIs you care about

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Extensive app, device, network, and streaming KPIs

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Critical user journeys

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Screen transitions

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KPI tracking over time

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App benchmarks

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Open APIs

Address code-level issues impacting user experience

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Code and dependency profiling

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Automated regression testing

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AI-based issue detection

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DevOps, CI/CD integration

Run thousands of tests parallelly at scale without worrying about device availability with our reliable global device infrastructure.
Leverage a reliable global device infrastructure
Global Device Infrastructure
Digital Experience Monitoring

Ensuring Success in Digital Experience Economy

Digital experiences have all but replaced traditional products and services. To stay competitive, the modern enterprise must deliver exceptional digital experiences ubiquitously across numerous delivery channels, services, and markets. Embedding HeadSpin into the software development lifecycle can help businesses with user experience monitoring of their live app and client-side performance. Detect build-over-build regressions early, accelerate problem resolution, and launch with confidence in new markets. Wireless carriers can further benefit by monitoring and optimizing the health of their networks and services.

Improve business outcomes with

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High quality apps—on day one and every day after
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Increased user engagement and satisfaction
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Reduced revenue risk
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Enhanced business continuity and resilience
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Improved productivity of development teams

Extensive KPIs for Digital Experience Monitoring

UI Metrics

Page Content Score, Total Views, Frame Deadline Missed, Frame Render Time

Device Metrics

CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Battery Temperature, Battery Voltage, Battery Energy Drain,
Lat/Long GPS Coordinates

App Responsiveness

App Load Time, Network Calls Made During Test Runtime, Delays During In-App Experiences, Page Content Time Series, App Event Tracking

Code Profiling

Full call stack and method response time metrics

Network Protocol Details

HTTPS Request and Response Headers

Connection Establishment Times

DNS Lookup, TCP, TLS, UDP, Reuse, Client-Server Latency per Request, Request Failure Rate

Third Party SDK Metrics

Time to First Byte, Hop Times, Download Times, Throughput, Download Speed, Concurrent Connections

API Server-Side Performance

Connection Establishment Times, Hop Times, Response Times, Error Codes

Domain Metrics

Sharding, Hosts

API Server Metrics

Resolved IP, Connection Reuse, Connection Multiplexing, Content Type, Error Codes

Image CDN Metrics

CDN Edge, CDN to Origin Hop, Connection Multiplexing, Download Times, Image
Caching, Image Scaling

RF Metrics


Security Metrics

Unencrypted Traffic

Audio and Video QoE

  • Perceptual video quality: Blurriness, Blockiness, Brightness, Colorfulness, Contrast, Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Streaming performance: Video Frame Rate Drops, Loading/Buffering Time Duration
  • Audio: Audio MOS, Microphone Input, Speaker Output
  • WebRTC support — easily access and test bi-directional audio and video on remote devices through a web browser in real-time


  • Real device biometrics testing for fingerprint and face recognition
  • Full suite of biometric instrumentation tools (Library, API endpoints, Web UI functionality, etc.) for automation

Reference-Free and Full Reference Video MOS

Reference-free Subjective
Video Quality MOS

Measure the holistic subjective quality of video as it would be rated by a jury of users—only MOS on the market that does not rely on other metrics for results.
  • Patent pending
  • Generated by an AI algorithm trained on our proprietary data set of videos annotated by real users

Full reference MOS

Based on Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion (VMAF).

Fully integrated into end-to
-end testing

Both No Reference & Full Reference MOS can be leveraged by automation frameworks like Appium.

User QoE analysis

MOS time series can be used in conjunction with the full range of HeadSpin video quality metrics to help understand which metrics have the largest impact on the user quality of experience.

Our Customer Success Stories

VMLYR logo
HeadSpin provides VMLY&R the ability to test and analyze their clients’ mobile app performances on real devices across select locations.
Citi Ventures Testimonial
Having a tool that allows us to quickly share access to a physical device, not a simulator or emulator,
and allow anybody from QA to a designer or a developer to check out was very important to us.
Adam Jones
Director of Mobile Apps and Emerging Technology, VMLY&R

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