Why Should One Choose HeadSpin over Kobiton?

Are you unable to deliver the best digital experience to your consumers?

With the advancement in technology, more people are using mobile phones as their primary mode of communication. Mobile applications play a significant role in sustaining business. The focus has now shifted towards being able to deliver optimal user experience in order to retain consumers.

Pick a superior testing company that best suits your requirements.


HeadSpin’s stability is the primary reason that makes HeadSpin the best Kobiton alternative. HeadSpin makes a strong case with a vast, rich community behind them when it comes to testing knowledge, creating excellent solutions along with the other benefits mentioned below. It contains real SIM-enabled devices that have full security features and RF access. It is very secure and portable and is compatible with various devices. It also offers deployment, which is enterprise-grade for both on-premise and portable devices.


HeadSpin ranks higher in ease of integration. It can work on any server and every platform.
It is an ideal integration and deployment system for any company or individual; you can run this application without debugging. This feature is the primary reason why more and more people are now going for HeadSpin and not Kobiton.

With the universal nature of the platform, you can enjoy the benefits of portability, integration, and ease of usage. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and also other frameworks. Tends to support 30+ automation frameworks and also integrates with CI/CD testing workflows.

Hosted device infrastructure for test automation

HeadSpin allows the developers to test and monitor all of their applications in real-time on real devices. You can also test your app in real-world conditions before launching it into the market. As a result, developers can gauge the reaction of the public towards their application.

This feature helps in increasing the chances of the application getting popular post its launch in the market. Developers will also know about the shortfalls of their application beforehand and can work towards resolving them proactively.

Reference-free video MOS

The reason why HeadSpin is superior to Kobiton is because of its proprietary method of testing video by means of the mean opinion score (MOS). It also provides other unique audio and video measurement and other analysis capabilities.

But it is essential to understand that measuring the quality of video is challenging. HeadSpin addresses this issue. Its reference-free video MOS provides a very accurate, flexible, and scalable algorithm approach to resolve all video quality challenges.  On the other hand, Kobiton has a slow response rate. That is why many people do not choose it.
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Run thousands of tests parallelly at scale without worrying about device availability and data security.

SIM-Enabled Devices

HeadSpin has real devices in more than 70 countries, across 100+ locations and has no emulation or simulation. They have a secure global device cloud to access remote devices equipped with genuine SIM cards. You can also choose from a range of Android and iOS devices by filtering the screen size and the operating system for performance testing on various mobile devices.

HeadSpin gives the best competition to any other automation tool that offers a slow response when you consider a real-time response rate.

Enterprise-Grade Appliance

HeadSpin is secure, temperature-controlled, RF-enabled, and is also very portable. It offers a lot of advantages over any other testing software. Intent to enable enterprise-grade appliances as it contains real SIM enabled devices. It is supposed to be controlled by temperature so that perfect device stability and burn-out do not occur.

From having excellent KPIs to understanding the quality of your voice and messaging features, HeadSpin makes sure that it is the best fit for you.

Offers a flexible distributed system

HeadSpin has proprietary hardware that helps you immediately and securely move up and scale all of your testing efforts. All the developers and testers can connect with their remote devices ASAP and monitor the non-noise interference data through our proprietary RF compliant hardware.

Biometrics Testing

HeadSpin offers the benefit of biometrics testing with the help of fingerprints and face ID. This feature is also automated and makes the entire process very smooth. That is why HeadSpin is considered a better alternative to Kobiton.

HeadSpin offers an overall advantage over any other testing tool, and that is why it is one of the most promising and best testing tools out there.


While both the companies provide a free trial for their Self Serve offerings, Kobiton’s Start Up starts at $50 a month and Accelerate starts at $200 per month, whereas HeadSpin offers its Self Serve products at $30 a month (billed annually) for Local and $150 per month (billed annually) for Compass.

HeadSpin has a lot more to offer in terms of business value than Kobiton.

HeadSpin enables business to deliver flawless digital experiences to its users by means of data science