Automation Happy Hour 10: Appium 2.0 Driver CLI Demo

In this week's episode we take a bit of a diversion from automation proper and demonstrate some of the new features coming in Appium 2.0

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In this 10th episode of Automation Happy Hour, I decided not to automate an app. Instead, I showed off some of what's coming in Appium 2.0, specifically the brand-new driver command line interface. One of the main ideas in Appium 2.0 is that drivers are no longer bundled with the Appium server. Instead, you pick and choose which drivers you want to use based on your needs. And, you can install drivers from anywhere! With this new model, it will be much easier for anyone to create and distribute their own driver, since it will be dead simple for users to install drivers from anywhere (NPM, GitHub, local directory, etc...). It will also mean that you only download what you need, so you save time and disk space. Here are some of the features I demonstrated:

  • Listing available drivers
  • Installing a new official driver
  • Installing an unofficial driver
  • Installing a driver at a specific version
  • Updating a driver to the latest minor update
  • Updating a driver past a major update
  • Uninstalling a driver

If you're interested in Appium 2.0, be sure to check out the webinar on Appium 2.0 I did a while back!