Automation Happy Hour 12: iOS Weather, Part 1

After some technical difficulties to do with Xcode, WebDriverAgent, and very slow CPU speeds due to streaming, we begin the task of automating the weather app on iOS!

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In this episode, we prove that once again I am a slow learner. Having realized several episodes ago that I should never start a stream without first testing that WebDriverAgent can launch on my device, I completely failed to do this, and so we got mired in rebuilding WebDriverAgent for my particular device. This is a process which usually takes a minute or two, but when streaming, it takes my machine over 10 minutes. So we had a nice chat about a variety of things.

Those woes behind us, we got to work on building out a page object model for Apple's Weather app for iOS. Thankfully, the app was designed really well and appears to be quite testable. In Part 2, we'll take our stubbed-out page object model and actually implement the locators that we discovered in Appium Desktop, to try to get some nice E2E flows working. Check out the video for a much more nice viewing experience than the live attendees had, because you can skip ahead to the good stuff!