Automation Happy Hour 3: Zoom, continued again...

In the third episode of Automation Happy Hour, Jonathan continues with Zoom again, trying to get the holy grail of multi-device end-to-end functional testing. Once again the iOS version of Zoom proves quite challenging!

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In this episode, the goal was (once again) to test an end-to-end meeting user flow, involving 2 participants. As with the previous episode, we ran into some challenges getting the iOS version of Zoom to do what we want, especially on a real device. We did, however, accomplish the following flow on iOS:

  1. Start a new meeting
  2. Navigate the UI to copy the meeting URL (so we can parse the meeting ID and password)
  3. Open the Notes app to paste the meeting URL, and retrieve it into our test code

Next time, we'll look at parsing that URL for meeting details, then handing that off to the Android device in the test. Luckily in episode #1, we took care of coding up a "join meeting" flow on Android, so that part should be good to go. All that will be left is to verify that both participants are present, then we'll be done! For now, have a watch of the video, and keep an eye out for the following highlights:

  • Creating some custom expected conditions
  • Figuring out how to get the contents of the iOS pasteboard into our test script
  • Learning that URLs/links are their own special UI element type in iOS
  • JLipps's excitement when everything comes together at the end!