Automation Happy Hour 4: Zoom, continued finally...

In this last episode of Zoom automation, we make a lot of progress, and also realize how complex the state machine for the Zoom app is. We even get an extra challenge in the form of an opportunistic zoombomber!

Code samples for Automation Happy Hour are available at

OK, everybody, Zoom is a beast! Here are some of the challenges we ran into in this episode of Automation Happy Hour:

  • differing versions of the app across Android and iOS leading to incompatible joining requirements (passwords)
  • realizing we can run without passwords, but to do that we have to add a flow to 'admit' users
  • realizing that the 'admit' button must be tapped via location (why??)
  • realizing that heading back to Zoom from the Notes app (after paste / text retrieval) needs to happen via the green bar at the top of the screen

So we spent a lot of time running into these issues and fixing them, but we didn't quite make the goal of a full end-to-end flow. Granted, it was always an ambitious goal, and we showed that it's possible, but after 4 weeks working on one app, it's time to move on! Stay tuned for what we work with next.