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HeadSpin's Happy Customers

Consumers expect infotainment experience on par with mobile experience on smartphones

IVIS - extension of a smartphone
Significant purchasing criterion for buyers
UX expectations similar to mobile apps
Mostly used for navigation, entertainment, communication etc

Our Mission

Apply data science and innovation to infotainment and in-cabin experience measurement
Drive Performance
User Experience
Driver Distraction
Quality of Service

How it works

The HeadSpin data science platform with the SDK solution is embedded into the vehicle infotainment system to get real time user data for constant feedback and improvements across the organization.
Experience Monitoring
Near Real-time insights
Data Analysis
Cloud Upload
Data collection
Data Analysis
Monitoring & Control
360° video monitoring and recording
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Get proactive in fault detection and deliver improved customer experience with the HeadSpin solution for IVIS

Our Platform captures
user experience KPIs and contextual data using ML at edge

Blank Screens

Buffering / Preloader Animations

UX Restrictions

Connectivity and Signal Strength

Call State

Interactions and Rage Tapping

Usage and User Engagement

Activity Transitions


Approx. Geolocation

HeadSpin IVIS use cases

In Lab Testing

On-premise Pbox holds iOS, Android devices so that they communicate with a nearby car
Devices accessible by the global team
Infotainment unit and audio-video phones throughout the car can be connected to the box for in car test cases
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In Drive Testing

Infotainment unit can be connected to the platform via the wireless bridge
Manual, automation, and data analysis can be run in the field
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End User Experience Monitoring

System app pre-installed on infotainment unit continually analyze screen, tap, connectivity, and system information
ML identifies regions of interest and uploads them for analysis
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Business Value of the HeadSpin Solution

Enable auto companies to improve user experience through proactive repairs& better service resulting in high NPS
Drive up revenue as customers prefer automobile brands with better infotainment experience
Unique opportunity for auto industry to monetize data. Eg: Insurance companies can now analyse various aspects of car usage and determine accurate premium
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Get visibility into your user’s in-vehicle infotainment system's experience with HeadSpin