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A New Approach to Audio and Video Testing

December 16, 2021
Gaurav Mathur
Jonathan Lipps

The way we consume media has drastically changed over the last two years – audio, communication, and streaming applications experienced skyrocketed growth and has proven that they are here to stay.

To meet and maintain this increased demand, it is crucial that organizations ensure they deliver high-quality audio and video experiences to their now diverse, global user base. However, there are numerous variables — from network conditions to varying devices – that require consideration in testing, and traditional testing platforms and tools often struggle to:

  • Capture media quality of experience and performance KPIs, particularly of DRM-protected content
  • Assess perceptual video quality without reference video or subjective user-submitted measure
  • Automate audio and video testing across a wide variety of devices, including tablets, phones, smart TVs, smart speakers, set top boxes, and automotive infotainment systems

In this session, we present and demonstrate a novel approach to audio and visual testing that addresses these challenges and offers the visibility organizations need to succeed in today’s experience economy. We’ll focus particularly on unique audio and video use cases for media devices such as smart TV.