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Appium 2.0 for Game Testing: Automating Unity Games from the Inside

March 21, 2022
Jonathan Lipps

Automating games for desktop or mobile has long been a challenging task. With Appium 2.0, I’ve developed a new plugin that allows you to hook into AltUnityTester, a popular testing tool that integrates with your Unity-based game or application.

In this workshop from WorQference, we’ll start from scratch with a new Unity game and show how to take advantage of the new Appium plugin to write automated tests for the game using the Appium API you already know! We'll cover:

  • Conceptual intro
  • Building the Unity game
  • Adding AltUnityTester
  • Configuring the Appium Unity plugin
  • Designing and writing the tests
  • Conclusion and next steps