IBM IGNITE Test Automation with HeadSpin

July 30, 2021
HeadSpin Team

To deliver a quality application, just testing is no longer enough. Increasingly complicated digital applications need to be brought to the market faster with fewer defects and at lower cost. IBM IGNITE Quality and Test platform, integrated with HeadSpin, delivers through a simple framework for optimization, automation and AI-based analytics.

In this webinar, IBM and HeadSpin experts conduct a live demo of optimized test flow automation and performance monitoring capabilities with the IBM IGNITE and HeadSpin Platform. See how through the combined power of IBM IGNITE and HeadSpin, you can maximize test coverage with fewer test cases, drive efficiency, move into seamless automation, analyze and predict future defects from occurring, and more.

Gaurav Mathur

COO, HeadSpin

Shruti Pandey

Lead Sales Engineer, HeadSpin

Sayom Ghosh

Senior Test Architect & Consultant, IBM

Sean Beesting

Global Quality Engineering Practice Lead - Partner, IBM


HeadSpin Team