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Optimize Performance of eCommerce Apps with Automated Regression Testing

November 6, 2020
Anav Batra

Shopping cart abandonment is a significant problem for online retailers and is often a reaction to poor mobile app experiences. 7.57% of shoppers will abandon an app if the load time lasts longer than three seconds. That’s roughly $1.36 billion in lost revenue each year.

In this webinar, Anav Batra, Sales Engineer at HeadSpin, discusses how to best monitor, understand, and optimize your online shopping experiences with Nimble and automated regression testing to combat cart abandonment. We examine how one top retailer succeeded in combating shopping cart abandonment to improve user retention by 39% on iOS and 64% on Android.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Consumer expectations for eCommerce apps
  • Ways to increase user retention
  • Overview of Automated Regression Testing
  • How Nimble works to reduce cart abandonment