The new industry platform for connected experiences across web, mobile, IoT and 5G

Connected experiences are fundamental to the success of digital business and require a unified, proactive approach to testing, monitoring, and analytics across applications, devices, and networks.

HeadSpin began as “Project XYZ” in April 2015 when Manish Lachwani and Brien Colwell joined entrepreneurial forces at Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley startup incubator. Both had painful firsthand experiences as lead product developers for Amazon KindleFire, Zynga and Google. They struggled mightily to ensure high-quality customer experiences for their mobile and digital products because software development and test tools were aging — precisely at the time when global cloud and network infrastructures had become nearly impossible to monitor.

Manish and Brien realized that there was no efficient way to unify testing, monitoring and analytics environments against the growing matrix of applications, devices and networks. And if webscale companies they once worked for couldn’t manage this level of complexity, they knew nobody could. 

Starting from a blank page, Manish and Brien laid out the vision to create a platform that unified software tools and vendor ecosystems to deliver superior “connected experiences” for mobile, IoT and 5G customers. They sought to give developers the ability to experience their mobile app or web site the way users do. The first development phase was building the world’s first global device testing cloud so that tech teams could test and monitor their applications and infrastructure in real-world conditions in every major country without leaving their office. 

HeadSpin’s device cloud was an instant game changer. It went viral in the software development community with zero marketing, and within a year, HeadSpin had set the new standard for mobile testing with more than 100 of the top 200 global mobile apps managing their connected experiences with the new platform. Over the past two years, the company rolled out solutions for the entire ecosystem of app developers, network operators, device OEMs, OS providers such that they can all work collaboratively using one one system of record for application and infrastructure performance.