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Using Pintap on HeadSpin

What is pintap?

Pintap is a HeadSpin feature used to unlock a device using a pincode when the device is locked and you are unable to interact with the screen through a Remote Control session.

There are three main scenarios where this feature will be most useful, but it can be used anytime that you need to enter a pincode on a device. If you see any of these scenarios, use this guide to use Pintap:

  • when you connect to a device and see a black screen with loading dots displayed
  • when you can see the device prompting for a pincode, but the loading dots are displayed, rendering the screen non-interactive
  • when you are prompted to enter a pincode but the number keys are not displayed in the remote session
First common scenario when Pintap should be used
First common scenario when Pintap should be used.
Second common scenario when Pintap should be used
Second common scenario when Pintap should be used.
Third common scenario when Pintap should be used
Third common scenario when Pintap should be used.

Where to access Pintap

Pintap can be accessed from two different locations on the HeadSpin platform. The first location is on the ‘Remote Control’ screen. When looking at the device list in the Remote Control tab of the HeadSpin UI, you will see the ellipsis icon (three dots, …) on the right side of the screen for each device. Click on the three dots and you will see a dropdown menu with the Pintap option, as pictured below.

Accessing Pintap

The second method for accessing Pintap is on the Remote Control device view’s interactive window, in the ‘Overview’ tab. Once you have connected to a device, the Remote Control window for the device opens with the interactive tools screen to the right of the device’s live view; on the Overview tab of this page, you will see an option for “Device Configuration”. (It looks like embedded text in the page, but it is interactive!) Clicking on Device Configuration opens a dropdown menu where you can access pintap, as pictured below.

Device Configuration

Pin Configuration

Pintap allows you to save a device’s pincode so that you can easily track which pincode matches which device. To save the current pincode for a device, or to edit the existing one if it has changed, you will need to access the Pin Configuration menu from the “Device Configuration’s Manual Pintap” options, as pictured below.

Device Configuration’s Manual Pintap

Click on the cog wheel icon to open the Pin Configuration menu. Here you can edit or delete the saved pin as pictured below.

edit or delete the saved pin

Note: If you change the pincode on the device you will need to update the saved pincode in pintap. Pincodes do not update or save automatically.

Pin Configuration History

Pintap will also show you the history of saved pincodes on a device. This will track any time a given device’s pincode is updated or deleted. To open the pincode history, click on the clock icon next to the cog wheel, as pictured below.

Pin Configuration History

Unlocking a Device

To unlock a device using Pintap, type the pincode into the pincode field in the Device Configuration’s Manual Pintap menu. Alternatively, you can select the saved pincode from the “Potential Pincodes” list (pictured below); this will automatically populate the pincode field. Once the pincode is present in the pincode field, click the “Unlock” button to right of the field to enter the pincode on the device itself.

unlock a device using Pintap