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HeadSpin & Appium Pro

HeadSpin & Appium Pro

Appium Pro is the ultimate destination for everything Appium and mobile testing-related. Crafted by Jonathan Lipps, both the Senior Director of Engineering at HeadSpin and the Appium project lead, you're diving into a wealth of Appium expertise straight from the source. With a collection of over 100 tutorials and guides, along with new content constantly emerging, you're guaranteed to discover valuable insights and practical tips. HeadSpin is proud to maintain Appium Pro and enable its valuable contributions to the Appium community.
Jonathan Lipps

Meet Jonathan Lipps

An entrepreneurial software developer with a diverse academic background in philosophy, linguistics, and theology, Jonathan brings a unique perspective to the world of technology. Currently serving as the Senior Director of Engineering at HeadSpin, he leads product-focused software engineering teams responsible for various projects, including web applications, APIs, phone, and media device products. His expertise also extends to his role as the project lead for the Appium open-source mobile automation platform, where he ensures its ongoing relevance and effectiveness in the testing community. Beyond his role at HeadSpin, Jonathan remains actively involved in maintaining the Appium automation library, further solidifying his commitment to advancing mobile test automation technology.
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