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Providing Feedback

Providing Feedback Using the Session Annotation API

To provide feedback using the Session Annotation API, see our Session API documentation on how to add a label to a session. In order to create a feedback label the <code class="dcode">label_type</code> must be one of the user feedback label types:

  • <code class="dcode">"suggestion"</code>
  • <code class="dcode">"needs-improvement"</code>
  • <code class="dcode">"report-an-error"</code>

For example, to create the <code class="dcode">Needs Improvement</code> label from the example above, the request would be as follows:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_api_token>" https://api-dev.headspin.io/v0/sessions/{session_id}/label/add -d '{"label_type": "needs-improvement", "name": "false negative", "category": "loading animation", "start_time": "49.0", "end_time": "50.503", "data": "A loading animation lasting more than 1 second on the bottom half of the screen was missed.", "pinned": true}'