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Grafana UI Overview

Grafana UI

HeadSpin supports autoprovisioning a Grafana account using the Replica database. This Grafana account is embedded inside HeadSpin, but can also be logged into externally.

Grafana UI Overview

Grafana is implicitly tied to the Replica database, so data should first be exported there for Grafana to be useful. See Replica for details. (If there is no data in the Replica DB or if the Replica DB is not allocated, then it will be allocated when Grafana is autoprovisioned automatically.)

If Grafana is enabled for your organization, it can be visited by navigating to the Dashboards button (the 'D' on the side panel):

grafana UI page

In the left sidebar, you'll find the names of all dashboards currently allocated to your org. You can view each dashboard by clicking on its name.

Alternatively, clicking the triple dot symbol to the right of each name will allow you to open the dashboard in a new window or copy the link to your clipboard.

If Grafana is not yet allocated, it will display the Grafana login page, since the account has not yet been allocated. If the Grafana account has been allocated, but the dashboard does not appear, then the user credentials may have been tampered with; the credentials can be reset here.

Allocate Grafana

If there are no Grafana dashboards, Grafana may need to be explicitly allocated. You should be automatically directed to the 'Settings' page where the following should be displayed:

grafana dialogue allocate

Click the Allocate Grafana Account button and Grafana will be allocated, and the credentials will be displayed.

Grafana Credentials

When the Grafana Credentials are available, it will be displayed like below:

grafana dialogue

Furthermore, when navigating to a dashboard, you should automatically get logged into Grafana. (If this does not happen, these credentials may need to be reset here.)

Reset Grafana Credentials

If the account credentials have been accidentially changed so that Grafana no longer logs in automatically when navigating to dashboards, they can be reset. First, open the dialog and navigate down to the bottom text. Then click the here link.

Grafana dialogue reset

Then, click the Reset Grafana Account button and accept the popup. The account should be reset, and Grafana should automatically login again. NOTE: This will logout any users that are still logged in and any unsaved changes will be lost!