HeadSpin Documentation

API Tokens

To secure your organization's data, API calls must be made with an API token. HeadSpin uses your API token to verify that you are authenticated to send the requests. Do not share your API token with anyone.

  1. Find or Create Your API Token
  2. Delete an API Token

Find or create your API Token

You can find any existing API token in your Settings. If there is no API token, one can be created in the same page.

1. Click on your name / role in the top right of the screen

API token name

2. Click on Settings

API token settings

3. Create and copy token

Your API token can be found under the API Tokens section. A row is present for each token you have. In most cases, you only need one token and there is no benefit to having extra tokens.

If there is no existing token, one can be generated by clicking on the New Token button.

api token token

Delete an API token

To delete an API token, click on the X in that token's row.

api token delete