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Getting Started Reference Links

While the information we host here in our helpdesk documentation is intended to give you hands-on, practical guides to assist you with your use of HeadSpin, we know we can’t explain everything! There are other reference materials that could be of great help to you, as well as other spaces where we provide updates on our platform and goals as a business. If you have questions about things that aren’t covered in depth here, such as the use of Appium or some of our additional API content, here are some links to help you find what you’re looking for:


Appium Pro: A HeadSpin newsletter written by Jonathan Lipps, Appium project lead and architect, to share tips and tricks for using Appium.

Appium's official documentation: The official documentation for Appium maintained by the open source Appium community.

HeadSpin Extras:

HeadSpin Public repos: A collection of public HeadSpin repositories on GitHub, created and maintained by our engineers. These include items such as special drivers for specific hardware to make it compatible with Appium, API collections, webdriver clients, and more.

HeadSpin Media:

HeadSpin website: The official landing page for HeadSpin! Learn more about our products, our team, our mission--everything that is HeadSpin!

HeadSpin Blog: Our HeadSpin blog, where we post announcements regarding our products and company, provide educational deep dive content regarding the mobile app/browser app testing market, and other information. (FYI: you can also navigate to the blog from the main website above by scrolling to the links at the bottom of the page.)

HeadSpin YouTube channel: HeadSpin's official YouTube channel, where we post helpful guide videos, news updates, and more.

HeadSpin on Twitter: We often post more business-focused updates on our Twitter page, such as appearances we're making at conferences or career opportunities we want you to hear about!

HeadSpin on LinkedIn: Similar content as seen on our Twitter page, with the addition of connections and features provided by LinkedIn as well as celebrations of when our company or employees make outstanding achievements.