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Get API Tokens for a user

Get API Tokens

Route Method
/v0/api/token GET

Available parameters: - <code class="dcode">email</code>: email address of a user to get API tokens for - <code class="dcode">user_id</code>: user id of a user to get API tokens for


curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_api_token>" https://api-dev.headspin.io/v0/api/token?email=<email_address> 
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_api_token>" https://{api}}/v0/api/token?user_id=<user_id> 


A JSON object that contains a list of API tokens along with information relevant to each API token. Example:

  "api_tokens": [
      "api_token": <api_token>,
      "org_name": <org_name>,
      "team_name": <team_name>,
      "role_name": <role_name>,