HeadSpin Documentation

New Devices

Android Device Setup

Go to Settings → About Phone

Click on the Build Number ten times to enable Developer Mode. When you navigate back to Settings, you will see the Developer Mode option.

Inside Developer Mode enable the following options: - Enable Stay Awake - Enable USB Debugging - Disable Verify apps over USB

Inside Security Settings

Enable the following options: - Screen lock: set to None (so that no Pin is required) - Enable unknown sources – Enabled

Lastly, you can update your phone software: Settings → About Device → System Update

Disable Android Beam

Android beam may initiate if devices touch each other, disable by going to: Settings -> Connected Devices -> NFC set to off

Some devices it is Settings -> Wireless & networks -> NFC set to off

Additional steps for ASUS devices:

  • Launch "Auto-start Manager"
  • Select and allow STF from automatically starting apps list

iOS Device Setup

  1. Sign into iTunes & App Store ID using id provided by HS device-{index}@hspin.io. Password will be provided by Headspin
  2. Turn off iMessage & Facetime
  3. In iTunes & App Store, enable automatic download for Apps and all
  4. In iTunes & App Store -> Password Settings, tap Always Require and uncheck Free Downloads Require Password
  5. In Touch ID & Passcode, Turn Passcode Off
  6. In Touch ID & Passcode, uncheck Use Touch Id for all
  7. In Display -> Auto Lock select Never
  8. In Cellular -> Personal Hotspot -> Enable Hotspot.
  9. On the Mac host, in System Preferences -> Network -> iPhone USB XX -> Uncheck “disable unless needed”
  10. In Game Center, sign in (create a user name)
  11. Trust the host dialog after ControlFreak has started
  12. In Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Enable Web Inspector (only necessary for running Appium Safari tests)

NOTE: Contact Headspin with UUID of your iOS device. The device will be added to the HeadSpin provisioning profile.