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Katalon Studio - Using Katalon with HeadSpin Devices

What Is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is an automation testing IDE that helps users create and reuse automated test scripts with limited to no coding required. It is similar to tools like Appium Inspector. For you to have the best experience with your testing, we have created this guide to help you use Katalon alongside HeadSpin.

Using a HeadSpin Device with Katalon

Katalon Studio allows you to attach to a remote device, which is how you can utilize HeadSpin’s device infrastructure with Katalon Studio testing suites. To configure a remote device in Katalon Studio, follow either of these methods:

  • In the Katalon Studio IDE, navigate to Project -> Settings -> Desired Capabilities -> Remote. Enter the server URL, server type and desired capabilities for the device you would like to capture/configure.


  • In the Katalon Studio IDE, select Mobile Object Spy/Mobile Recorder -> Remote Devices. In the configurations field, click Edit. A pop-up window will appear in which users can enter the server URL, server type and desired capabilities for the device you would like to capture/configure.

Note that for any application you would like to test with, a Cloud Application ID is required. For use with HeadSpin devices, you can enter a wildcard value (an asterisk "*") in the place of an app ID and specify this in the capabilities for your app.

cloud app id

After you enter the application ID, the Start button is enabled for your test.

Katalon Studio and Appium Capabilities

Katalon Studio adds Appium’s <code class="docde">app</code> capability internally and sends the capabilities set to the remote server hosting your device. The Katalon UI requires this <code class="docde">app</code> capability. To more easily establish an Appium session with a HeadSpin device in Katalon Studio, please enter <code class="docde">*</code> as the value for the Cloud Application ID. Also note that because of the <code class="docde">app</code> capability requirement, users cannot start a session with only the <code class="docde">bundleId</code> or <code class="docde">appPackage/appActivity</code> capabilities in Appium.

As an alternative to setting the <code class="docde">*</code> value for your Cloud Application ID, you can set an arbitrary string in the Cloud Application ID with <code class="docde">headspin:appId</code> capability. HeadSpin’s Appium server code will override the app capability (set by the Cloud Application ID) internally, which allows the session to start with installing the app, thereby allowing Katalon Studio to attach to it.

Example of <code class="docde">*</code> value:

    2    "deviceName": "iPhone 11",
    3    "udid": "00008030-000628A13C39802E",
    4    "automationName": "XCUITest",
    5    "platformVersion": "14.8",
    6    "platformName": "iOS",
    7    "app": "*"

Example of <code class="docde">headspin:appId</code> value:

    2    "deviceName": "iPhone 11",
    3    "udid": "00008030-000628A13C39802E",
    4    "automationName": "XCUITest",
    5    "platformVersion": "14.8",
    6    "platformName": "iOS",
    7    "app": "something",
    8    "headspin:appId": "xxxxxxxxxx"