Automation Happy Hour 7: Twitter, cont...

This week, we head back to Twitter and try to fill out more of a useful test automation flow, beyond just logging in and out.

Code samples for Automation Happy Hour are available at

One week on Twitter is definitely not enough! And we could no doubt have many more. Luckily the app is pretty straightforward to automate. In Episode 7, we move beyond login/logout and attempt to automate the process of following and unfollowing. In this aim we were successful, and we didn't encounter too many challenges. The main tricky bits were:

  • Interacting with some elements that didn't have unique identifiers (but we were able to use our handy BasePage.text_locator helper to find them via their display text)
  • Figuring out that the "Follow" and "Unfollow" buttons actually did have IDs, after we spent a bunch of time coding up a solution that would dynamically find the button after scraping the user's name from the view.
  • Wrestling a bit with Appium Desktop, since some elements were behind other elements and could not be tapped.

Otherwise, everything was pretty easy! Check out the video or look at the code samples for the full scoop.