Automation Happy Hour 9: YouMail, Part 2

This week we revisit YouMail, armed with a working Catalina + iOS 13 device automation setup. At the end of the day, I was able to get a full end-to-end flow working, involving automating the YouMail UI to prove their voice-to-text transcription works well.

Code samples for Automation Happy Hour are available at

For Episode 9 of Automation Happy Hour, we returned to YouMail. Previously, I ran into a surprise roadblock where it turned out that my version of Xcode was not high enough to automate my iOS device. Not only that, but my version of macOS was not high enough to upgrade Xcode! So I had to bite the bullet and upgrade to macOS Catalina. With that out of the way, we were able to get down to business. It was relatively straightforward to use Appium Desktop with YouMail, which enabled us to build out an automation flow that involved the following steps:

  1. Load up the app and assert there are no voicemails
  2. Use Twilio to leave a voicemail on my phone
  3. Wait for the correct voicemail to show up on the voicemails view of YouMail
  4. Tap on the voicemail to get to the detail view
  5. Assert the text was transcribed correctly
  6. Delete the voicemail
  7. Assert that the voicemail list is now empty again

That's it! It was remarkably easy to get a whole end-to-end flow working, which involves the entire technology stack including the phone networks. Check out the video above for the full story.