Understand game performance across multi-cloud devices

Our web-based dashboard provides performance metrics that are easy to understand and implement. For example, our dashboard can provide precise FPS data or perceptive quality metrics (like Blur or Flickering) — and show how they correlate with CPU usage, Disk, Memory and other I/O usage.


Find root causes of FPS drops

FPS drops destroy user the user experience and lead to lost revenues. With HeadSpin, developers can understand where and why FPS drops occur and quickly see how to address them.



Track third party game engines 

HeadSpin provides valuable insights into third party game engines (Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, etc.) and shows how they impact app performance and user experience. We allow you to obtain the hierarchy of your Unity, Unreal or Cocos games 



Test and monitor performances of in-app transactions


The performance of an in-app purchase flow can make or break a user’s experience and greatly affect revenue. HeadSpin lets developers test and monitor different kinds of in-app purchases (Using credit or gift cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, bill to a telco network, etc.)


Automate testing on a number of devices


HeadSpin offers an industry-leading automation record/replay framework that lets developers record a sequence and replay the test case on a number of devices.



Understand performance of advertising campaigns


HeadSpin allows developers to see the performance of the in-game advertising campaigns and understand the impact of these advertisements on player retention and engagement

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