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The pressure to innovate with more lifelike and immersive experiences, utilizing video, voice, touch screens, augmented and virtual reality, personalization and cloud streaming technologies, has created unprecedented challenges in the highly competitive gaming market.

Ensuring flawless gaming experiences across a global user base is paramount in order to avoid poor user reviews and maximize revenue streams. However, numerous factors—ranging from device resources (memory, battery, CPU) to network latency, edge/CDN, API calls, 3rd party SDKs, and compatibility across the diversity of carriers, OSes and devices—make it difficult to reliably deliver a consistent experience.


Digital Experiences

Measuring gaming experiences across real user conditions— real devices and consoles, carrier networks, locations, and localized content.

Device/OS Compatibility

Challenges in verifying gaming experience on multiple device types globally that can maximize the number of users without losing out on quality and performance.

Video Quality

Ensuring visuals are being displayed quickly and smoothly, providing a satisfactory viewing experience for video and streaming.


Providing better experiences without having to constantly charge the devices or augment their usage. Delivering processing speeds measured in ms.


Ability to scale to meet demands and handle peak loads and efficiently store, manage and retrieve massive volume of player information, statistics and rankings, etc.

HeadSpin Use Cases

HeadSpin’s Digital Experience AI Platform gives you the state-of-the-art device infrastructure, test automation, insights and analytics you need to deliver your best gaming experience ever.

Test Automation

Create, execute and automate tests on real devices with extensive framework and API support.

User Experience

Ensure optimum game performance and user quality of experience, including for multiplayer scenarios.

Performance Optimization

Optimize critical user journeys (launch time, time to interact, etc.) by addressing root causes of crashes, errors and slowdowns.

Video QoE

Assess video quality with unique KPIs and a reference-free video MOS.

Device Metrics

Understand the impact of FPS, CPU usage, memory, battery, etc.


Monitor and optimize network latency effects on gaming experiences.

Compatibility Testing

Ensure compatibility across a diversity of carriers, OSes and devices.

In-App Purchases

Test and monitor in-app transaction performance including subscription renewals.

In-Game Ads Performance

Measure performance of in-game advertising campaigns—and ensure global regulatory compliance with image detection.

Regression Testing

Monitor app performance during QA and in production, and automate build-over-build regression testing. Be alerted when KPIs exceed established thresholds.

Localization Testing

Ensure flawless gaming experiences across an ever more diverse and global user base.

HeadSpin Impact

Enhanced global user experience

Issues identified and resolved pre-launch

Seamless in-app billing and ad campaigns

“With HeadSpin’s state-of-the-art device infrastructure, we were able to test our SDK in key global locations and gain critical visibility into communications across the wire, including third party API calls and CDN effects.”

—  Ariel Vardy, 

   VP of Research & Development, CrazyLabs.

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