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Introducing HeadSpin Regression Intelligence

May 19, 2021
Brien Colwell
Ilya Dreytser

Regression testing is the bane of the industry. Every time a new build is introduced or a new OS is released, there is a risk of functional and performance issues being introduced. Given aggressive release schedules and frequent releases, dev and QA teams struggle to:

  • Automatically and proactively detect issues
  • Identify root causes
  • Resolve issues in a timely manner

HeadSpin Regression Intelligence delivers an intelligent and automated approach that addresses these challenges with a powerful comparison environment for analyzing degradation across new app builds, OS releases, feature additions, locations, and more.

In this session, we demonstrate how Regression Intelligence can help you increase efficiency, enhance user experience, and lower development costs.

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About HeadSpin

HeadSpin helps Telcos, media organizations, and large enterprises analyze and improve the user experience of their digital products through its global real device infrastructure, on the edge end-to-end testing, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics.

The HeadSpin data science platform enables collaboration among global teams to accelerate release cycles, build for complex real user environments, and proactively detect and resolve issues whether at the code, device, or network layer. HeadSpin currently works alongside a number of global telco and media organizations today to:

  • Monitor and improve 5G user experience
  • Improve streaming experience for OTT apps
  • Test and optimize data, voice, and messaging services
  • Assess and validate device compatibility
  • Offer regression insights for accelerated development
  • Deploy software at the edge
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