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Learn How HeadSpin Elevates Innovation and Connection at Atlassian Team '24

HeadSpin at Atlassian Team '24: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

May 28, 2024
Susheel DaswaniSusheel Daswani
Susheel Daswani


Team '24, hosted by Atlassian between April 30 and May 2, 2024, at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, spotlighted the latest AI product launches, the Atlassian ecosystem, cloud advancements, and other innovations. It was a convergence of industry experts and leading-edge technology to propel digital success.

A Vibrant Ecosystem of Innovation

Atlassian built an ecosystem around their products that offers substantial support for developers, comparable to the support found in the mobile ecosystems of Apple and Google. The range and productivity of developers within the Atlassian ecosystem is inspiring. Team ‘24 highlighted how Atlassian supports and embraces innovation, providing a fertile ground for developers to showcase their creativity and technical prowess. This year, the Braindate system within the conference app made connecting with developers easier and more efficient, fostering meaningful exchanges and collaborations.

Innovation Hub at Atlassian Team ‘24
Innovation Hub at Atlassian Team ‘24

HeadSpin at Atlassian Team '24: Meet the Expert

The event provided an opportunity to meet HeadSpin's expert, Susheel Daswani, who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Senior Director of Product and Engineering at HeadSpin.

Susheel Daswani was thrilled to represent HeadSpin at Atlassian Team '24, an event that grows in scale and impact each year. The conference surpassed the previous year's size and impressiveness, featuring a remarkable layout facilitating seamless interaction and learning. The program's quality and the attendees' intelligence, passion & friendliness made it a truly memorable experience for HeadSpin.

HeadSpin's Expert Susheel Daswani at Atlassian Team '24
HeadSpin's Expert Susheel Daswani at Atlassian Team '24

Understanding HeadSpin's Mission

As an Atlassian Ventures Company, HeadSpin's mission is to accelerate development cycles, improve product quality, and ensure superior user experiences. By leveraging a global real-device infrastructure and ML-driven analytics, HeadSpin empowers customers to quickly identify as well as resolve issues, optimize performance, and enhance their customers’ digital journey.

Key Highlights of HeadSpin's Participation at the Event

At the Atlassian Ventures Booth, attendees explored how HeadSpin's data science-driven Platform supports increased product release velocity, effective issue triaging and reproduction on real devices, comprehensive peer benchmarking, synthetic testing for critical services, digital health monitoring with impact scores, and large-scale automation across mobile, browser, and edge devices.

Engaging at the Atlassian Ventures Booth

As an invited participant of Atlassian Ventures, Susheel had the honor of spending a day at the Atlassian Ventures booth. This centrally located hub was a hotspot for attendees, facilitating countless conversations and demonstrations of the HeadSpin platform. It served as a strategic point for networking, offering a unique opportunity to showcase HeadSpin's unique solutions and connect with potential collaborators and clients. During discussions with fellow attendees at Team '24, Susheel focused on accelerating Agile, DevOps, and synthetic observability through HeadSpin's advanced data science capabilities.

HeadSpin's Space in the Atlassian Ventures Booth at Team '24
HeadSpin's Space in the Atlassian Ventures Booth at Team '24

Spotlight on Oboard and a Memorable Braindate

One standout from the event was Oboard, an OKR product seamlessly integrated into the Atlassian ecosystem. Susheel's Braindate with Margo Sakova from Oboard was a highlight. Margo's enthusiasm and expertise in using Atlassian products to drive OKR adoption made the session incredibly engaging and informative, reinforcing the value of these personalized interactions within the conference framework.

Extracurricular Highlights

Beyond the sessions and networking opportunities, Atlassian Team '24 offered a plethora of extracurricular activities. From insightful talks and product demonstrations to interactive Braindates and vibrant happy hours, the event was packed with engaging experiences. The closing mega party and the happy hour with peer Atlassian Ventures portfolio companies were particularly noteworthy, providing a relaxed environment to connect with other passionate founders and employees who were driving innovation in their fields.

A Dynamic Networking Opportunity at Team '24
A Dynamic Networking Opportunity at Team '24


Atlassian Team '24 was a fantastic event that underscored the dynamic and supportive nature of the Atlassian ecosystem. It was a privilege for Susheel to represent HeadSpin and engage with such a vibrant community. Susheel looks forward to future opportunities to participate and contribute to this incredible ecosystem. HeadSpin's involvement in Atlassian Team '24 highlights its dedication to innovation as well as excellence in the digital realm. By fostering collaboration and leveraging data science, HeadSpin continues to drive the future of agile development, DevOps, and synthetic observability.

Have you missed the chance to meet us at Atlassian Team '24? Learn more about the HeadSpin's data science-driven Platform here, or you can connect now.

HeadSpin at Atlassian Team '24: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

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