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Appium Recognizes HeadSpin as its First “Development Partner”

HeadSpin Recognized as Appium's First “Development Partner”

June 6, 2024
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We at HeadSpin are thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as Appium's first "Development Partner." This acknowledgment marks a significant milestone in our ongoing collaboration and support for the Appium project.

Appium's New Sponsorship and Contributor Stipend Program

Appium has just launched an innovative sponsorship and contributor stipend program to acknowledge the dedicated contributors and recognize key companies that have played a significant role in its evolution. This program is a testament to Appium's commitment to fostering a vibrant and active community. Details about the program can be found on Appium's official announcement page.

What it Means to be Appium's "Development Partners"

The 'Development Partner' designation is not just about financial contributions; it's about dedicating developer time and resources to the project. Appium recognizes key companies that go above and beyond in their support, contributing code, maintaining drivers, and developing plugins that enhance the tool's functionality.

At HeadSpin, our dedication to Appium's mission has been steadfast, and we are honored to be the first company recognized under this new initiative.

HeadSpin's Contributions to Appium

Our contributions to the Appium project are extensive and impactful. HeadSpin developers have been integral to the core Appium codebases and have maintained several essential drivers and plugins that the community relies on. 

Here are some of the key areas where HeadSpin has made significant contributions:

  • Core Codebase Contributions: Our developers have been actively involved in enhancing the core Appium codebases, ensuring that the framework remains at the forefront of automation technology.
  • Maintaining Drivers and Plugins: We have maintained several crucial drivers and plugins that are widely used within the community. These include:
    • Roku Driver: Facilitating automation for Roku devices.
    • Tizen TV Driver: Enabling automated testing on Samsung's Tizen-based smart TVs.
    • LG webOS Driver: Supporting automation on LG webOS platforms.
    • Unity Plugin: Offering robust automation capabilities for Unity-based applications.

These contributions are a testament to our commitment to making Appium a versatile and powerful tool for automation across diverse platforms.

HeadSpin's Commitment to Appium's Vision

Our recognition as a “Development Partner” reflects our alignment with Appium's vision. We have always believed in the potential of Appium to revolutionize the world of automation. By actively participating in its advancement, our goal is to guarantee its ongoing evolution to align with the requirements of its users.

HeadSpin has been dedicated to contributing to the enhancement of Appium for years. Our partnership with Appium is rooted in a common objective: to continually expand the possibilities of automation. We are excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. This collaboration not only strengthens our offerings but also highlights our dedication to the open-source community and our commitment to advancing technology.

Looking Ahead

HeadSpin is excited to continue our partnership with Appium as we move forward. Our combined efforts will lead to groundbreaking innovations in the field of automation. Our ongoing contributions will focus on enhancing the tool's capabilities, ensuring that it remains a leader in the industry.

We are grateful to the Appium team for this recognition and for the opportunity to contribute to such a significant project. The journey ahead is promising, and we are committed to making it successful.

For more information about the sponsorship program and how it supports the community, visit the Appium blog post.

HeadSpin Recognized as Appium's First “Development Partner”

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