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iPhone 14 is Here! Test Your Apps on It Using HeadSpin

iPhone 14 is Here! Test Your Apps on It Using HeadSpin

September 21, 2022
Kazuaki MatsuoKazuaki Matsuo
Kazuaki Matsuo

HeadSpin is excited about the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 14 series with groundbreaking advancements. Apple has launched four models of the new iPhone 14 version: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The HeadSpin team is delighted to announce that the HeadSpin Platform supports the testing of applications on all four new models of the new iPhone 14 version. 

Why Should You Use HeadSpin to Test iPhone 14?

With Apple claiming a 15.6% share in the global market in the second quarter of 2022, it is crucial for the engineering and testing teams of various organizations to test their applications on apple devices and improve their performance on these devices. Moreover, as the market is witnessing a faster adoption of new iOS versions (upward of 70% within the first four months of the release of iOS 15), it has become imperative for digital platform teams to adopt new Apple devices early on. Focusing on this, HeadSpin has been offering various Apple devices for testing to enterprises worldwide through our global device infrastructure. With our global testing feature, testing teams can select apple devices of their choice deployed in different parts of the world and perform testing of their applications. 

HeadSpin uses its PBox to securely store its Apple devices in 90+ locations worldwide and on client premises. PBox is a unique appliance manufactured by the HeadSpin team to perform testing of apps on Android/iOS mobile phones, media devices, and tablets. This appliance offers a secure, portable, temperature-controlled enclosure for various devices and allows RF access to the local Wi-Fi or carrier network. 

With multiple deployment models, such as on-prem, cloud (single tenant), cloud (multi-tenant), and create your own lab, HeadSpin supports the development and testing teams to test and monitor their applications on various apple devices remotely, including the latest iPhone 14 models. HeadSpin also offers a mini remote feature that enables remote interaction with devices through advanced accessibility features, like multitouch. This feature makes the HeadSpin Platform ideal for testing new and evolving features of new iOS versions.


With the focus on empowering development, QA, and product teams to perfect digital experiences throughout the app lifecycle, HeadSpin is committed to adding the latest devices available in the market to its global device infrastructure. Use the best testing tool, HeadSpin Platform, to get access to the newest iPhone 14 models and test your apps on these devices to improve their performance and reduce device fragmentation.

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iPhone 14 is Here! Test Your Apps on It Using HeadSpin

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