July 29, 2021
Jonathan Lipps

Appium and Selenium Fundamentals 2020

Get theoretical and hands-on training to Appium and Selenium, the world's most popular UI automation tools. Understand how they are used in the context of testing, and become a thoughtful tester who knows how to build a functional and maintainable testsuite.

This course includes:

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20+ hours of instruction directly from Appium author Jonathan Lipps
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Instruction and code samples in Python
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Hands-on challenges you can complete to become a certified UI Automation Engineer, with access to training devices and platforms
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Join other learners and inspire each other in our private course chat

About this course

Appium and Selenium are the world's most popular UI automation tools. Used correctly, they can be a powerful force in the mission of testing web and mobile apps. This course requires basically no prerequisite knowledge, and will walk you through fundamental concepts of software testing, programming, and ultimately UI automation with Appium and Selenium. We'll cover more than the basics. You'll learn how Appium and Selenium work under the hood, how to set them up yourself, and how to use them in the context of a robust and maintainble testsuite that won't let you down. We'll also look at advanced topics like CI integration and debugging, as well as a whole list of important best practices to keep in mind as you head out on your automation journey.
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