improvement in
customer experience


of UX issues
identified pre-release


of issues identified
without human intervention


improvement in   application reliability

Access real devices on real networks for real-world customer experience conditions



Global device pool

No simulation or emulation. Access 22,000+ devices in 150+ locations. Test with any combination of operating system, devices and network.

Most popular devices by location

Choose from a wide range of mobile and tablet devices, including diverse screen sizes and operating systems.

Urban and rural coverage

Uncover performance insights unique to suburban, urban and rural user environments.

Real SIM cards

Devices have SIM cards representing the carrier networks with the highest market share (including 5G).

No device rooting and jailbreaking

Use off-the-shelf devices for real-world user data on real devices.

How HeadSpin Helped a Global Consumer Subscription App Load More Quickly

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Capture, prioritize, and visualize real user sessions and mobile performance data using our proprietary software


No SDK required

Access via API. Setup takes seconds via login.

Automated remote device control

Remotely access and control your app on real devices from your desktop or phones – without SDK or local team support.

Natural gestures and interactions

Interact with your mobile app on the remote test device, just as you would with a real device in hand. Tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more.

Reproducible environment

Reproduce your performance issues instantly and repeatedly using session videos that correlates to user session traffic.

No virtual machines

Access multiple iOS and Android devices at the same time without any delay or slowdown.

Test across any interface

Cross desktop, browser and load testing available.


Take advantage of our flexible deployment options


Pbox promo video

Select from dedicated, shared or pay-as-you-go


Scale up easily with our on-premises or cloud solutions

Additional devices and locations can be added to your pools immediately on request. Cloud and on-premises setup available.

Expect 100% uptime

Our industry-first API accessible USB hub automatically regulates temperature and power levels without manual intervention.

Zero day device & OS support

Get immediate access to newly-released OS and devices.

Take action with AI-powered insights



Be alerted to performance and UX issues before and when they happen.


Find the root cause of your issues with fine-grained diagnostics across the entire mobile stack.


Automatically organize performance issues from largest to smallest time impact.


Automatically identify issues in the data and video that are contributing to poor user experience.


View session issues via an interactive waterfall or burst user interface.



  • HeadSpin API access (no SDK)
  • 30 automated testing frameworks  (Calabash, Appium, EarlGrey,
    UI Automator, Experitest, native Xc tests and Espresso)
  • Issue tracking systems (JIRA, ServiceNow, etc)
  • IDE and BI tools integration
  • CI and DevOps workflows

visualization for how HeadSpin integrates with cicd

Security and Governance

  • GDPR and Soc-2 compliant

  • Secure and certified data centers

  • Configurable security

  • Frequent data center vulnerability testing

  • Dedicated secure device hosting in 150+ locations

  • Secure access via VPN available

  • Secure on-premise unit with complete admin, audit and security tools

  • Manage employee access and usage through admin feature

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