Enabling Perfect Digital Experience for Global Enterprises

April 14, 2022
Brien Colwell
Gaurav Mathur
Anna Swietek
Asaf Saar
Mile Djokic

Enterprises today seek to consistently deliver flawless digital experiences at the edge to improve user satisfaction and grow revenues, while also exponentially increasing software release speed and cutting application development and deployment costs.

To address this need, HeadSpin, the leading enterprise-grade, data-driven testing platform, has entered into a unique partnership with Tricentis, an industry leader in test automation for modern cloud and enterprise applications.

Anna Swietek, Product Manager for Mobile at Tricentis, and Brien Colwell, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at HeadSpin will lead this webinar. Through case studies, they will demonstrate how users can utilize Tricentis and HeadSpin to test, debug, collect performance data, and detect build regressions to rapidly iterate and meet their quality, development, and monitoring goals.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Case studies that demonstrate the use cases and business benefits delivered
  • How to conduct end-to-end automated and continuous testing with Tricentis Tosca and gain remote access to HeadSpin’s real device edge infrastructure for any use case
  • HeadSpin’s functional testing and AI-based performance capabilities that provides regression analysis and deep visualization to improve quality of user experience testing
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About HeadSpin

HeadSpin helps Telcos, media organizations, and large enterprises analyze and improve the user experience of their digital products through its global real device infrastructure, on the edge end-to-end testing, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics.

The HeadSpin data science platform enables collaboration among global teams to accelerate release cycles, build for complex real user environments, and proactively detect and resolve issues whether at the code, device, or network layer. HeadSpin currently works alongside a number of global telco and media organizations today to:

  • Monitor and improve 5G user experience
  • Improve streaming experience for OTT apps
  • Test and optimize data, voice, and messaging services
  • Assess and validate device compatibility
  • Offer regression insights for accelerated development
  • Deploy software at the edge
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