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HeadSpin at MWC Barcelona 2023

HeadSpin's Cutting-Edge Technology Showcased at MWC Barcelona 2023

March 13, 2023
Kishan TiwariKishan Tiwari
Kishan Tiwari

The Mobile World Congress is the largest annual event that serves as the world's largest gathering of mobile technology professionals. The event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from across the globe to showcase and discuss the latest advancements in mobile technology. The primary objective of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is to drive progress in the mobile ecosystem by promoting connectivity that enables people, industries, and societies to thrive. This is achieved through a range of activities, including panel discussions, keynote speeches, and product demonstrations, all of which are geared towards promoting collaboration and innovation in the industry.

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MWC Barcelona 2023 was held on 27 February – 2 March. For HeadSpin, this year's MWC was particularly significant as Infosys invited HeadSpin to join their team at the MWC 2023.

HeadSpin and Infosys - Driving Innovation at MWC 2023

Over the past year and a half, HeadSpin has been working with the Infosys Innovation Network, or IIN. Together, the companies offer a highly effective solution to help companies improve their digital experience on different landscapes, such as telcos and media OTT. Infosys Validation Services, a business unit of Infosys that provides testing and validation services to customers across various verticals and geographies, considers HeadSpin a significant product for the Infosys Innovation Network and a crucial area of focus.

HeadSpin at MWC Barcelona 2023

HeadSpin’s Space in the Infosys Booth at MWC
HeadSpin’s Space in the Infosys Booth at MWC

HeadSpin’s booth was strategically designed to highlight their key appliances, the HeadSpin PBox and HeadSpin AV box. The HeadSpin team that represented them at the Infosys booth was led by Rajeev Butani (CEO), Gaurav Mathur (COO), Shailendra Singh (Regional Head, UK & Africa), Rajeev Ranjan (Vice President, Solutions & Partnerships), and Kishan Tiwari (Partner Manager).

HeadSpin Team at MWC Barcelona 2023
HeadSpin Team at MWC Barcelona 2023

Throughout the four-day event, the HeadSpin team got the opportunity to meet with leaders from various organizations across Europe, Benelux, the UK, and the Middle East, demonstrating their diverse solutions tailored to different verticals. 

The HeadSpin team with the visitors
HeadSpin Team Interacting with Leaders from Various Organizations
The HeadSpin team showcasing our solutions to visitors
HeadSpin Team Showcasing Its Solutions to Visitors

If anyone missed the chance to meet the HeadSpin team at MWC Barcelona 2023, you could still learn about HeadSpin’s data science-driven Platform by booking a trial.

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HeadSpin's Cutting-Edge Technology Showcased at MWC Barcelona 2023

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