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HeadSpin's Experience at CES 2020

Our Experience at CES 2020

January 21, 2020
Mohammed MonamMohammed Monam
Mohammed Monam

Earlier this month, we attended CES 2020 for our very first time. We had a booth set up with our partner Wipro in the Enterprise Solutions section at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where we provided demos of our Connected Intelligence Platform™ to driven developers looking to deliver high-quality global user experiences in an increasingly complex digital world. We had our proprietary Proxy System and AnyWear Mobility Unit set up as well and were able to showcase their versatility to great success.

our proprietary Proxy System
Eravi demonstrating our proprietary Proxy System

CES 2020 was a great way to start off the new decade. It was an honor to be able to meet with other innovators and pioneers with ideas set to shape consumers and business lives and transform the technological landscape.

HeadSpin CES 2020

When we explored the show floor to witness the latest tech in action, we were able to connect with a diverse array of other innovators in the business as well. One overarching trend was clear: technology that connects the digital experience to the real world has become a greater focus now more than ever. All that we experience now is connected.

Here’s what our key takeaways were from CES 2020 and what we noticed were the most noteworthy trends we believe may define the industry this year:

Smart Home Technology is getting even smarter

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home is getting even smarter. We noticed a great focus on smart device and user experience integration this year. The major theme was the Smart City. Many of the biggest players had an offering for both the Smart Home and its integration into the Smart City. Smart home technology that connects appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and assistants has been gaining quite a lot of attention in the past and were especially prominent this year. Among the many offerings: a voice-activated smart faucet.

Foldable display technology is taking flight

Foldable display technology

From smartphones to even speakers, foldable display technology seemed to be omnipresent at this year’s conference. Though its still in its early stages, this may be the year we see the technology start to resonate with and appeal to more consumers.

Let’s move on to the solutions

Moving on the solutions
Photo by CES

AR and VR devices were a recurring theme at CES 2020. There was less of a focus on the holographic technology itself and more AR/VR solutions being presented to attendees this year.

Connected Experiences are for cars too

Connected Experiences for cars
Photo by CES

As we had expected, another major theme was the autonomous car. There was a focus on smart technology in use for cars as well; Smart speakers and other IoT devices finally made their way into the vehicle this year. Companies went beyond the standard self-driving technology popular today and in previous years to debut features that make passenger experiences more connected and more personalized.

more connected and more personalized
Photo by CES

Needless to say, CES 2020 was an absolute success.

Our team made a strong impact with our HeadSpin Connected Intelligence Platform™ and our proprietary Proxy System, demonstrating how both have provided our partners and developers with crucial web, mobile, IoT, and 5G solutions to optimize connected experiences that improve their consumer’s digital experience. Our platform was a big draw for attendees, from developers to Smart Home and City innovators, looking to bring the best digital experience to their users in 2020 and for years to come.

We are incredibly grateful to have been a part of CES 2020 and excited for our team’s upcoming ventures. We got a lot planned in 2020, including exhibiting at many other events. Stay connected with us on our Linkedin or Twitter for updates on where we’re heading to next.

Missed us at CES 2020 and want to learn more about our Digital Intelligence Platform? Learn more about it here or check out how we’ve helped to drive digital business success for some of today’s top companies.

Our Experience at CES 2020

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