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Digital Compass on Cloud Modernization

Your Digital Compass on Cloud Modernization

January 10, 2021
Brien ColwellBrien Colwell
Brien Colwell

Businesses are adopting Cloud to improve the digital experience their applications provide to end-users. These businesses are seeking to improve resiliency, agility, and lower the cost of their IT infrastructure. HeadSpin has created a complete migration strategy to help our clients with the transition.

User Experience Challenges on Cloud Modernization

Cloud modernization programs that deliver an improvement of their end-users’ digital experience realize greater business benefits. However many programs do not focus on the end-user experience, and when it is poor, the blame game is played across the Application, Infrastructure, and Cloud/ Network providers. Meanwhile, any degradation of services and end-user experience carries a high risk of loss of revenue and reputation.

How HeadSpin Can Be Your Digital Compass on Cloud Modernization

HeadSpin platform provides a unique and differentiated solution for application experience performance monitoring and optimization pre, during, and post Cloud modernization. We can cover any application in scope for Cloud modernization that can be accessed over a digital touchpoint (e.g. Browser, Mobile, Screenless, Wearable etc, including legacy applications with a more modern front-end).

The graphic below shows the incremental value created in a HeadSpin supported cloud modernization.


Our platform does build over build metric-based comparison view and benchmarking that is critical during the cloud migration/adoption process. Its adoption during pre-migration and post-migration testing can provide businesses with the much-needed quantitative assurance that their end-user experience will remain the same or be enhanced with cloud modernization.

Key Activities Supported by HeadSpin During Cloud Modernization

Pre-Migration Phase of Cloud Modernization

During the pre-migration phase, HeadSpin gathers the data to assess in-app performance, functions, and methods by determining how the app currently functions in its existing environment. It’s crucial to know the baseline metrics, KPIs, and SLIs that define the user experience, so HeadSpin will launch critical user journeys and measure the quality of experience and quality of service of each application. This allows us to have a detailed view of the app’s composites and performance.

What to Expect During Cloud Modernization

The transition phase of the cloud migration process is when HeadSpin ensures that every piece of the application is migrated correctly. We complete end-user A/B comparisons across all performance and UX details of the existing to the new environment. Executing the same user journeys across devices, networks, and locations identifies any regressions that the user could experience.

The Post-Migration Phase of Cloud Modernization

HeadSpin performs continuous end-user and UX regression testing and monitoring to ensure day one quality. We are able to proactively identify issues and benchmark thresholds using platform generated insights, as well as end-to-end automation that determines pass/fail status and provides alert notifications.

The HeadSpin platform enables continuous comparison across edges, locations, builds, environments, time of day, and custom segments. Regression Intelligence identifies root cause changes to help calibrate UX for cloud vs. on-premise while accelerating the overall migration. Regression Intelligence also identifies UX and performance issues in pre-production early so that production maintains the best possible experience. Our support team assists customers to integrate this intelligence into their CICD pipelines and monitoring.

A HeadSpin proof of concept can integrate into your existing application deployment, and start collecting synthetic user data. Within weeks we can establish a comprehensive performance benchmark that can be used as the starting point of the cloud modernization process. Contact our team to get started.


1. What is cloud modernization?

Cloud modernization is critical for maximizing operations and leveraging the flexibility and wide range of new opportunities offered by cloud environments. The conversion of old applications to cloud-based apps constitutes cloud modernization. It includes deconstructing applications and reconstructing each component for the cloud environment. While this process might be complex, having a comprehensive strategy will assist organizations in achieving the desired advantages and drive commercial impact on the bottom line.

2. What advantages can cloud modernization offer?

The Advantages of cloud modernization are:

  • Flexibility to build new features & services
  • Aid to improving employee productivity
  • Eliminates technical debt including cost of quality issues and impact on software architecture
  • Improves end-user experience
  • Enhances security
  • Assists in increasing revenue streams

3. What is the difference between cloud migration and application modernization?

In order to migrate a legacy system, the old infrastructure must be transferred to the cloud. It offers possible cost-cutting and productivity gains. However, it does not give your app a growth perspective. This approach lacks the higher perspective that can drive your organization to the next level of growth. Nonetheless, small businesses with limited resources can benefit immensely from cloud migration. It is crucial that you incorporate all of your business units in the process to anticipate the impact of this shift.

The combination of Migration and Modernization, on the other hand, can improve overall operations and provide your technology with a new viewpoint. It can increase communication and collaboration across divisions and lead to more organized processes and workflows. Real-time reporting provides your team with actionable insights to respond to issues more quickly and efficiently meet client needs.

4. How to choose the right cloud application modernization service?

Every organization has a different and unique legacy context as per its business goals. As a result, there are various cloud migration and modernization scenarios, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding your organization's pain problems is the most significant beginning point for choosing between migration and modernization. Additionally, consider the duration and manageability of your legacy system when devising a modernization strategy. Then, you can select the cloud platform that fits your requirements the best and develop the corresponding architecture to implement your cloud adoption strategy.

Your Digital Compass on Cloud Modernization

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