Video & Audio QoE

Deliver Flawless Digital Content Experiences

Ensure the Quality of Experience (QoE) for content delivery with HeadSpin. Get KPIs and metrics for audio, video, voice, and streaming apps based on real world conditions.


Delivering Quality Content is Hard

Producing great content is only half the battle; you need to ensure proper delivery so it can be consumed the way it was intended. With all the variables, complexity and dependencies in content supply chains, isolating bottlenecks and compatibility issues is critical in QoE.

Content QoE Challenges:

Deliver Flawless Digital Content Experiences

HeadSpin ensures that your amazing digital content is being consumed the way it was intended. Get true visibility into user QoE across the entire spectrum of content, including audio, video, voice, and streaming. HeadSpin’s sophisticated ML models and computer-vision techniques automatically detect loading animations, blurriness, blockiness, buffering time, page content issues, MOS scores and much more.

Get Visibility to Issues Impacting Content Delivery & Playback

Successful content delivery requires data on performance and scalability across the content supply chain. HeadSpin’s in-depth data and AI-powered expert analysis deliver actionable insights into how infrastructure, network, client and content issues are impacting the user quality of experience.

Measure Performance for Live and Recorded Rich Media Content 

Media, entertainment, and communications apps, in particular, need to continuously deliver live and recorded content in a consistent fashion. The HeadSpin Audio-Visual Platform lets your global team coordinate on a single platform to test, automate, and measure rich media and voice applications. 

A/V Streaming
Performance Metrics

Capture runtime bitrate changes, buffering, stalls and freezes. Account for variability and speeds in real-world streaming conditions.

Content Quality of
Experience KPIs

Get assessments of content quality as experienced by the end-user with KPIs and metrics specific to content experiences.

Audio Playback and
Match Analysis

Leverage APIs for audio testing and match analysis for speech-enabled and audio streaming apps, such as voice assistants, accessibility, and IVR.

“We’re able to make recommendations to customers about how they can improve performance and reliability—whether it’s improving reuse of TCP connections or caching. A lot of those things tie directly into the services and solutions that Akamai offers, so HeadSpin makes it easier for our field teams to do their jobs.”

— Gareth Ouellette, 

   Senior Director, Project Management, Akamai

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