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HeadSpin Partners with Google Cloud at The Edge

December 8, 2020

To help deliver transformative capabilities to the edge, Google unveiled its Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy in early 2020. It will deliver a portfolio and marketplace of 5G solutions and an open cloud platform for developing network-centric applications. HeadSpin is proud to announce that we have been recognized as a horizontal solution provider to support and enable use cases across multiple verticals delivering 5G edge solutions.

Challenges at the Edge

The definition of the edge has changed significantly over the last few years. Today, an edge represents more than a CDN or a compute layer. Edge has evolved into an extension of the public cloud running in extremely diverse environments and computing contexts. An edge computing layer runs anywhere between the devices layer and the cloud layer. Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) moves the computing of traffic and services from a centralized cloud to the edge of the network and closer to the customer. With 5G becoming a reality, MEC is becoming the intermediary layer between the consumers and providers of the public cloud. With MEC, the edge infrastructure runs within the facility of a telecom provider co-located within a data center or even a cellular tower.

These shifts have created enormous complexity and global, location-specific challenges for delivering the high quality digital experiences users expect, which have only increased with the promises of 5G.


The Google Cloud + HeadSpin Solution

With use cases spanning industries including: retail, manufacturing, media & entertainment, and healthcare, Google Cloud and HeadSpin enable unparalleled digital performance and user experience for new vertical services and applications, leveraging Google Cloud core components including Anthos, AI, and ML, as well as Google’s global edge network and telecom partners along with HeadSpin’s industry leading solutions for measuring and optimizing device, network, and application performance and user experience in real-world environments around the globe.


Leveraging existing global networks, Google Cloud customers can reduce latency, lower processing costs by processing data and compute cycles at the edge, reduce costs and processes associated with data storage, and eliminate the need to transport data from the edge to a central location for real-time computation, while HeadSpin provides proactive monitoring of user experiences for 5G applications both during the development cycle and post-go-live. This not only enables customers to preventatively identify and address user experience and performance issues but also generate insights to drive new offerings and revenue streams enabled by 5G edge technologies.


HeadSpin for 5G Edge

Digital user experiences are a priority for every stakeholder in the 5G ecosystem. HeadSpin plays a critical role ensuring product teams are empowered to address the growing needs and demands of end users including:

  • Real-world, location-based measurement and continuous optimization of user experience around the globe
  • Proactive identification of issues at the device, network, and application layers, including 3rd party APIs and infrastructure
  • Unparalleled visibility into quality of experience for live streaming, AR/VR, audio, and video services and applications

HeadSpin has been trusted by leading cloud at the edge businesses to ensure quality user experiences and increase revenue through improved adoption and engagement, all while reducing costs and time-to-market.


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HeadSpin Partners with Google Cloud at The Edge

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