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Advancing Testing Maturity: Insights from NSTC 2023 Keynote Panel

Advancing Testing Maturity and Achieving Higher Levels of Automation: Insights from NSTC 2023 Keynote Panel Session

May 30, 2023
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The NSTC 2023 Keynote Panel Session titled "Advancing on the testing maturity and achieving higher levels of automation" brought together industry experts from various sectors to discuss the importance of automation and testing maturity in enhancing efficiency and application performance. The session aimed to provide valuable insights and strategies for organizations looking to improve their testing workflows. The panel for the discussion comprised esteemed industry professionals from various media, telecom, and banking companies. Let's delve into the highlights of the discussion.

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The panel comprised esteemed industry professionals:

  1. Gaurav Mathur - Chief Operating Officer at HeadSpin
  2. Stuart Makin - Head of QA & Test at Virgin Media O2
  3. Maciej Brzek - Senior QA Engineering Manager at The Economist
  4. Francisco Castillo - Head of Automation Engineering at PMI
  5. Sean Beesting - Vice President - Global Client Testing at VISA

Key Insights Shared by the Panelists During the Discussion

Topic 1: Importance of Automation and Testing Maturity

  • The need for a strategic approach to automation and the importance of aligning organizational goals.
  • The role of automation in accelerating decision-making and risk-taking.
  • The benefits of automation in achieving consistency and performance.
  • The importance of a homogeneous layer of testing to measure business value.
  • The alignment between business and technology.
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Topic 2: Challenges in Advancing Testing Maturity and Automation

  • The importance of aligning the organization and setting clear responsibilities.
  • The challenge of change management and aligning the entire tech organization.
  • The importance of knowledge sharing and establishing a consistent testing framework.
  • The need for engaging communities and driving awareness of the importance of QA.
  • The challenge of maintaining proactive delivery and communication.
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Topic 3: Measuring Testing Effectiveness and Impact

  • The need for measurement strategies and relevant metrics.
  • Media companies’ approach to measuring testing effectiveness and application performance.
  • The measurement practices of various media, telecom, and banking companies.
  • The perspective of financial companies on measurement strategies and key metrics.
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Topic 4: Transitioning to Higher Testing Maturity Levels

  • The importance of a testing maturity model and effective transition steps.
  • Media companies’ experience and the strategies they implemented to achieve higher testing maturity levels.
  • The journey of media companies towards testing maturity.
  • FMCG companies’ approach to transitioning from limited automation.
  • Essential strategies and steps for achieving higher levels of testing maturity.

Final Thoughts

The panelists emphasized the significance of automation and testing maturity for efficiency and app performance. Strategic alignment, knowledge sharing, measurement strategies, and effective transitions were highlighted. The session included a brief Q&A, providing further insights to the audience.

The NSTC 2023 Keynote Panel Session facilitated knowledge sharing among industry leaders, contributing to the improvement of testing practices and better outcomes in the evolving technological landscape.

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Advancing Testing Maturity and Achieving Higher Levels of Automation: Insights from NSTC 2023 Keynote Panel Session

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